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The home

Yearning for “arrival” in the here and now

It starts before the journey, before the actual arrival

A hearty welcome, pictures that make you want to find a temporary home away from home. A yearning to discover something, to get out, to experience and very intentionally take a break for a change.

To be welcomed as if by friends, to take a seat at a beautifully set table, to linger by the fireplace, to inhale deeply from the glasses in the wine shop and concentrate on the aromas. Have a lie in, open the window wide and take in the landscape. Feel the earth under your feet and arrive mindfully in the here and now.

All this is possible in our Weinzuhause – a house with many favourite spots. The theme of wine and pleasure is omnipresent at Weinzuhause, as are loving details, natural colours, soft fabrics and natural wood.

Looking into nature, directly into the vineyards. Large window fronts let indoors and outdoors become one.

  • comfortable feeling-good room
  • Wine Shop
  • Room Weinblick
  • Room Weinblick
  • comfortable feeling-good room
  • comfortable feeling-good room
    Our weinzuhause philosophy


    • We obtain most of our fresh groceries directly from farmers and producers from the region.
    • We process our own water, whether sparkling or still. This helps us avoid long transport routes and packaging waste.
    • Bedding and towels are cleaned carbon-neutrally.
    • Our soap products in the rooms and public areas are produced especially for us. They are made from 100% organic ingredients and are produced without preservatives or additives, and without animal testing. They are vegan and free from microplastic.
    • We produce our own power. Solar panels on the roof of our winery cover the 100% of the daily electricity demand.
    • We collect water in large underground tanks to be used to water our grounds.
    • We built our Weinzuhause mainly from natural materials: healthy building materials such as clay and lime plaster, which are good for the indoor climate and for comfort.
    • We do not use fossil fuels and heat with pellets.
    • We store our surplus energy and water directly on site in appropriate storage facilities - this conserves resources.
    • We provide extensive greenery with shrubs, trees and plants on generous compensation areas. These help to naturally enhance cultivated areas and the surroundings and serve as habitats for important insects and other animals.
    • We also cultivate respectful, appreciative interaction.

    Our regional partners